“…when we purchased this house it was in shambles.  Now it shines.  We’ve got a new kitchen, new bathrooms, new paint and carpet…we’re ready to roll”

“We went by and looked at the house Saturday….Great improvements.”

“We were about to sell our house and had [Southern Building and Restoration,LLC] do a few repairs and improvements to get it ready for market, (drywall work, patching the driveway, fence repairs, etc)…  After they were done, the house looked clean, and when we showed it, it went under contract almost immediately!!  I would definitely recommend.”

“My hardwoods look great!  I had a pipe burst upstairs while I was at work, and when I came back water was everywhere.  It destroyed my floors, sheetrock fell down from the ceilings, water got in the walls, it was a mess.  I was able to sign the documents electronically, they talked to my insurance company, and the workers did a great job getting the house back together.”

“Thank you for replacing my fence.  It looks 100x better.  My sons had been using plywood to keep it it was so rotten.”